• logo Welcome to 7th grade ELA! 

    The resources we commonly use are Springboard, Scope, and Accelerated Reader (AR). 

    With the recent shut down of our district due to COVID-19, I will be updating my website weekly with new learning opportunites for students.

    Students are encouraged to complete late assignments and turn then in for grading. Two important assignments that were due before the shutdown include: 

                              A Long Walk to Water unit assessment-emailed to students who need to complete

                              A Long Walk to Water literary analysis-students can find materials and assignment submission through Google Classroom

     UPDATE: All quizzes for Saving America's Wolves have been graded and returned.

    Monday, March 30th 

    This weeks assignment have been posted on Google Classroom and Zinc. Here is my suggestion for the week:

    Google Classroom/Scope

    Read Vahed-The Disappearance of Amelia Earhart

    In Google Classroom I have listed the topics by day to complete. My hope is this will help you organize one worksheet per day with the quiz being on Friday. 

    Of course you may work at your own pace (quicker or slower). 

    Please let me know if you are unable to find the video, this was not something I was able to share within the classroom. I hope it may be linked to the article or you may need to find it in Scope online. 

    Zinc-Springboard Sprint

    Complete a new article this week. Or begin the assessment if you have not already. 


    Keep up with that independent reading. Check out the library page, as there was news of possible online books. 

    Take a test when you are ready! 

    Next week is Spring Break! So I will be updating this website April 13th. Take Care! 


    Wednesday, March 26th 

    This weeks assignments have been posted on Google Classroom and Zinc (Springboard). Here is my suggestion for this week. 

    Google Classroom/Scope:

    Read Saving America's Wolves 

    Choose 2 worksheets to complete and submit

    Complete the quiz and submit by Friday 

    Scope password is decker123


    Zinc-Sprinboard Sprint

    Take the assessment 

    Work on one article by Friday 



    Keep up your daily reading at home

    Take a test after you complete your novel 


    Please do what you can this week. My inital post last Monday mysteriously vanished. Not sure what I did wrong, but will triple check this one. Old people and technology! Geesh! 


    Miss you all! 

    Stay healthy and safe! 

    Cody Decker