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    Posters from left to right:
    1.  Support, Acceptance, Freedom of LBGT Community Makes America Great by Carlyle McCormack - February 13th, 2017
    2.  Diversity Makes America Great by Corbet Curfman - February 8th, 2017
    3.  Literature Makes America Great by Ray Wan - February 3rd, 2017
    4.  Education Makes America Great by David Hays - January 27th, 2017
    5.  Immigration Makes America Great by Chris Lozos - January 30th, 2017
    6.  Love and Compassion Make America Great by Vikram Nongmaithem - February 2nd, 2017
    7.  Civil Disobedience Makes America Great by Michael Czerniawski - January 20th, 2017
    8.  Kindness Makes America Great by Roberlan Paresqui - February 14th, 2017 
    9.  Unity=Equality Makes America Great by Lyla Paakkanen - February 4th, 2017 
    View More Posters Here: http://what.makesamericagreat.us/
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