Welcome to Lifetime Fitness


    Brown  Canvas is now the primary source for class content.  Use this class website as a supplemental resource to facilitate and enhance your learning and growth experience this year!  

    School Closure-Corona Virus Update

    Individual communication through email and Canvas 

    Stay active with engagement resources regularly posted in Canvas, this Class Webpage and Focused Fitness.

    Students should be trying to meet the National Fitness Goal of 60 minutes of activity daily. Be creative and safe as you choose an activity.

    Record activity/exercise on the weekly activity log offered in Canvas or use the log posted here (on the side bar) and submit to me. A pic of your weekly log in email works or send as an attached file.

    Stay engaged with the regular fitness or health related concepts posted in Canvas as Q & A videos for academic engagement--look for a new one each Tuesday and Thursday.  I look forward to your responses submitted in Canvas!


    * Notice the Canvas Link in Quick Links to the right on this page. 

    phone: 425-385-6455

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