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    Everett Public Schools uses Microsoft’s Exchange Online as an email provider for staff and students. In Office 365 for Education, staff and students are provided online applications, file storage and email for students in all grades. The accounts are provided to students for instructional purposes only.

    Elementary student email: In pre-school - fifth grade email is only between staff and students. 

    Middle and high school email: In grades 6-12, students have fully functioning email for use within and outside the district. 

    Directions on accessing student mailbox and finding email address

    Email Guidelines

    • All district email accounts are archived, searchable and subject to. investigation and public records requests. 
    • The student email account is an Outlook account and it is recommended students utilize the Office 365 mail app for greatest versatility.
    • The account is provided to students for use as part of the instructional process, in support of learning.

    Note: Student accounts are available for use while the student is enrolled. Once students graduate or transfer out of the district the email account will be inactive.

    Learn about email and more: Everett Public Schools also provides education in digital literacy, safe internet use, and digital citizenship. In brief, students should always endeavor to do no harm to others through the use of district technology.

    Middle and High School

    Elementary School - receive emails only

    Common Sense Media lessons



    Other resources for learning email etiquette and internet safety

    Usage tips about Outlook: