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  • logo Greetings, I look forward to being your 7th Grade History teacher this year. I grew up in Spokane Washington and love the Pacific Northwest. I earned my Bachelor of Education degree at Eastern Washington University. While teaching down in the Las Vegas area for five years I earned my Masters of Education degree from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. I am excited to be back for my 20th year in the Everett School District. Further, I am looking forward to a great year with a fantastic group of students, parents, staff, and administrators. There will be high expectations for all and with those come high achievement and success! 

    (8/23/20) As directed by the district, during the distancer learning, teacher's content will be in their Canvas sites.  There is a link in the left side on my teacher website.  My teacher website will still be used for the delivery of information: Welcome page, online textbook, calendar and useful tools for writing essays as well as essay exemplars for you to study and model after in writing your essays.  If Canvas is ever down, I will be able to show you content here too as a backup or plan B.  It is important not to have all your eggs in one basket. 
    (8/24/20) The Calendar in my teacher website will be used as the primary source/haven to know what is assigned, its start, is due date, as well as test dates.  It allowes me far more flexiblity in communicating to parent/guardians/and students what is going on each day.  Please be checking this on a regular basis.
     (School Closure due to Covid-19)
    My school website left side column and calendar are valuable sources and should be checked regularly for updates and student pacing of work.  Also clarifications of the work expectations and reasons for engagement.  I will endeavor to once a week send out a group email, through LMS, to parents/guardians and students of updates concerning pacing of learning at home and district news.
    Links for learning History/Geography: 
    Contact Mr. Zinkgraf
    Phone 425-385-6472

    gzinkgraf@everettsd.org (Office Hours: 7:30 - 3:00) However, I will respond at any time during the day too as soon as I can.



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