•  In this essay, I will present 3 or more reasons why, citing textual evidence that answers the essential question, “What forces work for and against supernational cooperation among nations?”, and close with how it relates to today.


    Common markets and common currency help consumers with world trade. To support my claim the geography book on page 216 states,” No longer do European countries change money when they cross most borders. The euro makes it easier to travel and trade across the EU.” When you go to many different countries it is hard to get the correct currency. For example, you go to India and you only have American dollars and not rupees. You can use American currency. But many people won't even know what it is and how much rupees it equals too. So it’s important to have the correct currency. But with many places that are right next to each other and have borders then it is hard to get stuff and trade. But if they have the same currency then it will be easier to do it. Then people won't have trouble trying to get something that they want. Like for example maybe you want a painting but it is 500 pounds but if you have euros then you can have no trouble at all.  You could just buy it with no trouble at all. People won't have any problems they can use their own money they don't have to worry about how much it is. Is it enough, is it not enough? They won't have to worry. They could buy anything they want and nothing will happen. But if, for example, you're at the airport and you need to have a different currency so you convert it, it isn't enough to live in this new place. Then you will need to have a different way to get money and survive and provide for yourself. Which isn't easy to do. It would be time-consuming as well. Also as well most of the time it is hard to get something you want but half the time it’s not in this area or it’s not there. Like for example the U.S. and India were trading some of their paintings and they both were from a local store. So when both paintings have arrived in their places and people buy them they see that it was either made in India or U.S. So then they go there to see more types of paintings but they don't see anything because it’s a local painting. But if both of the paintings were someplace famous or a place that has locations in both India and Japan then people could go to those places or check some more of these locations in their own country for paintings.  Also when trading people will have to give money. They would have to barter for it. So they will need some form of money to give to each country. They cant hand some American dollars to India. Sure they might know how much it equals in rupees but it still would be nice to give some money in some type of currency.  This would also help with trading because then more countries would be willing to trade with more different countries. 


    The EU promotes European cultural identity through its beliefs and Europe Day. To support my claim the Geography book on pages 220-221 states,” Europe Day has become a time for Europeans to come together to share and celebrate their common culture.” Even though there are many countries in Europe they might have different cultures. An example of this is the U.S. Most of the time in Texas people like barbeque and grilled things but up in the Pacific north west people might like apples and fruits and things that only come and grow here. But culture isn't only food. It’s also the beliefs people follow. Like Hinduism, they support many different gods but in Christianity, they support only one god Jesus. But even though one religion is different from another doesn't mean you have to despise anyone who supports it. Instead, it could be a chance to grow and learn about these different religions. This is what Europe Day is for. Europe Day lets people from different countries in Europe come together and share a bit of their religion and learn from them as well. It provided people with pieces of information about what they do and what might be different from someone else. People can learn about different food traditions and many more things. With these things, people can even adapt these things as well. Many traditions and things other people can do as well. Like Chinese new year. Many people will celebrate it even when their entire family might not be from China. It also lets people learn about how they act and how they see the world. In many religions, they usually have a point of view that you should see the world. One could be looking at the world with curiousness or maybe you need to view the world with joy and happiness. Many different religions support looking at the world from some sort of angle. Maybe with happiness or curiousness and maybe other stuff as well. But also in many other places, there is no religion but people can still learn from it and take some things and put them into their own life as well. Many religions don't even require you to be a certain race. You can be African and support Hindiuiusm it doesn't matter. Even with all of this many places won't have a day where you can learn new cultures. Many don't have days like Europe Day because many places won't have more than one religion. So because of this, would make Europe unique because it has much more diversity than most other countries. It makes them able to learn and grow from these different religions. They also don't favor some beliefs over others. They all try to give some recognition to all the religions in Europe. Also even though Europe has many religions many people would say,” Aren’t they just religions but with little differences?” The answer is no. Many places have very different traditions and things to their religion. Like in Spain you have bullfighting. In many other places, you don't have bullfighting. In France, you have croissants and baguettes. They are both things that make each country unique. This is why it's good the EU is giving these places and regions the recognition they need. It helps the people and us to learn and prosper and see how in our world were all different and that's ok.


    Supernational cooperations can be impacted by centrifugal forces. To support this geography book page 221 states,” The EU is built on supernational cooperation. You read about centripetal forces that work against unity.” Many people think cooperations aren't just successful and have no problems. But that's not right there are still problems some of these places have to fix. Places can have problems and thats ok. But these problems can make places harder and harder to control. For example, if there was a disagreement in the U.S. The debate was about if apple pies are better than pumpkin pies. Half of Country said apple pies and the other half said pumpkin pies. Soon this argument will become very serious because of this the government would try to stop this but because there was no clear answer many people would start protesting and many people would have done many horrible things to get an answer. Also speaking of the EU many countries have different opinions and languages. Not all countries will think the same some will think this is better than that. Like for example Germany thinks their wine is better than France. This is something the EU could be affected by. Instead of Germany and France agreeing and working together they are arguing for a useless topic. It would also cause the EU to lose control of many other countries as well.  Many countries like Germany and France are famous not just for their amazing things but also for their leadership as well. So if many countries are either France or Germany then they both leave the EU then the other countries could leave as well. Also even though there are many countries in the EU it doesn't mean some countries can speak the same language. In all countries, some people don't know more than one language. So for example there is a new law that the EU has placed but the only problem is that you need to translate everything into all the languages in the EU. This would be very time-consuming and makes it hard to communicate with all the nations. What if you need to broadcast something to everyone in the EU but you have to translate it as well so everyone can understand? This would take a lot of time and effort. Also, many families either don't have money or just won't want to learn a new language. Many people might not want to learn a new language just because their country joined the EU.  Even people who do not have money won't spend their time learning a new language. They might just be spending time just trying to survive with barely anything at all. Even many people just don't like being in the EU at all as well. Many people don't like that their country has to submit a part of their power to another cooperation. People around the world are proud to be part of some countries but when these types of people learn that their country has to submit to a higher power it makes them feel sad and feel sorry for their country. Many people want to have their country in control because they know what the people like and what the people need. But if part of that power goes away. Then the people won't get the stuff they want and things they need and it’s important to still provide for countries because if you don't then they will just move away to somewhere else.  


    All in all, there are many ways that forces can work for and against supernational organizations.  This relates to today because there are still forces that work for and against the EU. Like for example many places have different currencies. So when you travel it is hard for you to convert this money into other countries' currency. Sometimes you could bring some money but it could not be enough to survive. But if countries had the same currency then it wouldn't be hard to survive because then you have money to use and you don't have to worry if it’s not enough.  It would also be saving a lot of time as well. You won't have to calculate how much money is equal to this other amount. You would just have to arrive and then you fine do anything you want because it's the same currency. It also means that in many places there could be shops and places people can rely on as well. Like for example the U.S. and India were trading some bags. But these bags were from someone local. This makes people buy them but they won't know where it came from because it was a local object. But if they traded things from famous places in their own country then people would notice it from a certain country. They would find out it could be in their country as well. This would provide for people to come to different countries and buy things or buy from the same stores but in their country. They would have to pay each other. But since they can't give the same currency to each other they would have to find a way to repay each other. This would also allow them to trade with more diverse countries. Speaking of diversity. Many places in Europe have many different religions and traditions. So because of this, they made Europe's day. Europe Day is a day when people from all around Europe come together and learn about different cultures and religions. Though many places in Europe have the same type of religion Christianity. They still have some key differences in their region. Like Spain has bullfighting and in France there famous for their food and architecture. These are all things people should learn about because if they don't then they won't be able to learn and see how the world is different and that it’s good to be different. Many people will also adapt things from different religions to their own life as well. But even though there are good things about the EU there are some things that aren't the best for the EU. In all organizations, there will be disagreements. Which is ok. But these disagreements could make things harder to control. Like when you have many countries in the EU it’s hard to convert every document or piece of literature to a different language. It would be hard to also make everyone just learn one language as well. Many people won't want to learn one or they don't have enough money to learn. It would take also years for everyone to learn just one language to speak just so that they can understand what the EU is telling them. Even at times, countries in the EU might disagree. This could cause other countries to leave because of the conflict making the EU less and less strong and less like a united organization. People also don't like how when countries join the EU they have to submit part of their power to the EU. Many people are proud to be a part of their country and don't like when they give power to someone else. The people know that their country knows what to give to them. But the EU might not and that could be a problem if they don't provide them many people will just leave that country and might never come back.