• In this essay, I will present 3 or more reasons, citing textual evidence that answers the essential question, “What were the reasons the British people chose to leave the EU?”, and close with how it relates to today.


    The EU was made to unite people however many countries that once were a part of it, have moved from it because of many reasons one being money. One of these huge countries exits is the United Kingdom. The term stands for the British exit, one of the biggest reasons for Brexit was money. The UK was gravely concerned about money distribution and described the money distribution from “17 reasons to love Brexit” by Anthony Browne, as a “Money-go-round nonsense”. They thought that the money distribution needed to be distributed not completely thinking about every country equally, but thinking about each country’s priorities and seeing as though a normal Government could do such, was a huge reason why they switched. The needs of each country must be taken into consideration when “splitting money” because splitting money wouldn’t work, it’s not that easy, each country is unique in how much money they need to be sustainable. For example, a poorer country that needs more resources for food and water might need more money than an already rich, thriving country like Germany or France. Banks in the UK also played a role in why Brexit was finally decided, the EU didn’t permit the banks to expand on a larger scale which made the banks less competitive internationally. Because of this, the UK couldn’t compete with bigger companies which might lead to a loss in potential money that they could’ve made.


         The EU also didn’t consider their exportation an issue when livestock like lambs and calves' lives were up for slaughter. According to the article “17 reasons to love Brexit” by Anthony Browne, it says “In the 1990s, there were endless protests along the coast against exporting live lambs and calves for slaughter in Europe. The government wanted to ban the exports, but couldn’t because of EU rules.” The government would be able to ban the exports but because the EU didn’t permit it, the innocent lambs and calves’ lives continue to be a problem. This was a huge and ongoing problem that lead to the everlasting decision to then go into the beginning of Brexit. That is one of the many contributors. The big reason wasn’t because of the lambs, but to defend the rights that they knew they deserved. The people wanted to have the rights they would’ve had with their government, so they stood up for it and there came Brexit.  This was later shown in the paragraphs to explain the end that proves the big reason for the creation of Brexit, “to take back control.”. to take back control of our rights, animals, our kids, etc. Individuality for the UK and each country is crucial for their country’s future. You wouldn’t want a system bossing you, and who/what you care about when you know you have a solution most would take back what’s theirs, and that’s what they did. 


        The EU permits many unnecessary things in people’s daily lives, like tampon tax and the cause of many NHS staff shortages. According to the article, “ 17 reasons to love Brexit” by Anthony Browne, “Tories and Labour have wanted to scrap the hated ‘tampon tax’--VAT on tampons. But what is impossible inside the EU becomes possible outside. ”  Almost everywhere you have taxes, but have you ever heard of tampon tax? It’s self-explanatory, tax strictly on tampons. Instead of the normal tax that is expected on items, tampons especially are expensive. This could be simply taken out from the government by taking the complicated rules of the VAT system, Another big reason for the ultimate decision of Brexit are some factors of the EU’s working time directive. What is a working time directive, you may ask. The EU made a working time directive for the safety and health of their workers, it makes sure that the workers don’t work too long hours, this is a thing that the UK’s government wants to keep and is a good idea. However, downsides can be the ways that the EU implies the idea in actuality. The staff shortages in the NHS (National Health Service) as a result of doctors sleeping on duty while still on call is a problem. Overall, I think it’s a good idea but the staff shortages for Doctors aren’t good. Which is one of the many reasons of why Brexit was formed


         In conclusion, there were many reasons for the UK to go into the final decision of Brexit. Such as money, banking, slaughtering, the rights of people, and tampon taxes. Those people have had many contributors for why they left the EU. As I said in the 2nd body paragraph, the huge thing that ties all of this in, is national pride and independence. The UK made their final decision not only because of money or slaughtering, though those are good points the frequently occurring message here is their freedom. They don’t want a huge force telling them what they can and can’t do. Though money wasn’t the highest contribution, it was one of the biggest reasons. Money is an important factor, so splitting money is not a good alternative especially when each country needs different amounts of money. This might be good for the poorer, smaller countries but what happens to the bigger ones with a lot of people to take care of? They overlook the protests and riots of many countries, like all of the movements against slaughtering and tampon tax, what did the EU do? Nothing. This relates to today because this view of the EU shows quite a lot of the ideas that communists have because of the idea of uniting them when they join and then they realize that the EU isn’t truly doing what they promised, the realization that splitting money isn’t right because they will all end up in poverty while standing few watch them suffer. They have tried to implement ideas from the constitution, of the right to vote, and the EU government, but it’s overpowered by the true individuality of countries and the right for them to go against the EU, to stand for what’s right for their country. That’s why the UK turned to Brexit.