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     Dear Students and Families,


    I truly hope that you and your family had a fun 4-day weekend. Many of us take this time to remember and honor those who served. The weekend pictures that many students shared during Tuesday's (5/26) Zoom was awesome to see. For May 23 - June 2, we are completing a quest through our Solar System and constructing a scale model (distance and diameter of our solar system's planets). During Tuesday's Zoom, we learned about various Solar System terms, such as; gravity, orbit, rotation, revolution, dwarf planet, planet, Kupier Belt, Oort Belt, Astroid Belt, moons, comet, and meteors. We talked about how stars are outside of our Solar System, except for the Sun. On Thursday's (5/28) Zoom, we completed the Solar System Scale Table and viewed possible ways to construct a solar system scaled model. Students can use the table to help build thier solar system models.


    The school year has 3 weeks left! I want to say, "Kuddos" to all of you spectacular students! We dove into new territory of learning together. There are many things I have learned during our online learning experience. I want to remind you that you are to do the best you can on an activity. We are asking you to do one activity per week in Google Classroom Classwork. At any time that you have questions, please email me. I will either answer your question by emailing you back or set up a Zoom meeting to go over your questions. Hopefully, you received Dr. Ian Saltzman's letter that shared specifics about grading and end-of-year stuff. Please know that if you have questions, I will help find the answer. You may contact me via email (bbruscas@everettsd.org). 

    For fun, Tuesday June 2, share your Solar System Scale Model during our Zoom time. For Thursday, June 4, Explosive Rockets along with other fun STEM Challenge ideas!

    Zoom sessions are going well. On Mondays, I will send out private Zoom ID numbers and their passwords in your Science Google Classroom. Please Zoom with your first name and last name initial. Do not use your student number nor your last name. For example, Scooby Doo would show his name as Scooby D.  If I do not recognize your name, I will not enter you in the Zoom. 

    Class Zoom Schedule:

    5th Period: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:05 -1:50 PM

    6th Period: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:55 - 2:40 PM

    7th Period: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:45 -3:30 PM


    For security reasons, Zoom ID numbers and passwords will be shared in Google Classroom. A new ID number and password is given for each meeting date and time. For safety reasons, do NOT share the ID numbers and passwords


    Science Student Schedule
    Click on the above Science Student Schedule for Science Class Zoom Times, Optional Meetings (my office hours).

    Google Classroom
     link is shared in Quick Links; or, go to your Student Tools and open the Google icon,and then the Google Classroom icon: 



    Please feel free to contact me through email at bbruscas@everettsd.org or calling (425) 385-6403 during normal school hours.


    Stay well, 


    Becky Bruscas


    Email Address:


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