Welcome to Mr. Proudlock's Washington State History and World Geography Classses

  • Sean Proudlock Welcome to Mr. Proudlock's History website.  I began teaching seventh grade block at Heatherwood in 1992,joined the counseling team in 2004and returned to teaching history in 2018.  I have an AA degree from Edmonds community College, and BA in Secondary History Education from Western Washington University and  Masters of Education in Counseling from Washington State University. 

    The best way to contact me is by email:  sproudlock@everettsd.org

     Emergency School Closure Information

    The Gradebook was updated Tuesday, March 24.  If you have questions let me know.


    Check your grades!  If you have not submitted your Ch 1 Essential Question (Due March 13), or taken the Ch 1 "Tools of Geography" quiz, go to Canvas and get it done!  If you need help, let me know by email and we'll figure it out together.  Also, If you take or retake the Ch 1 Quiz, send me an email - Canvas does not notify me when a test is completed like it does for assignments.

    • During the School Closure I encourage my students to work on any missing work and turn it in using canvas.  I will be checking canvas at least weekly to update the grade book.   I will be updating this page at least every Monday.  If you need to contact me use your student email first.  We can always set up a time to talk on the phone as we


    • When we left school we had just looked at the Tools of Geography.  If students and families wish to continue learning during our time apart to plan a trip to a park, city, or country you wouls like to learn more about.

      • What is the name of the location?
      • What is the latitude and longitude of the location
      • Use your map skills to estimate the dsitance to the location and how long it would take to get there- use google to check to see if your estimate is correct
      • include what you will do/learn at your location
      • create a slide show that includes the items above with maps, images and descriptions of events and places and share it with your family
      • Have fun with it!