Heatherwood Middle School Athletic Information

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    Heatherwood Middle School Athletic Department Staff:

    Athletic Director - Belinda Mountjoy




    Athletic Secretary - Alysia Stauffer




    We are very excited to announce that Everett Public Schools is partnering with FinalForms, an online forms and data management service that will be replacing paper forms and streamline the registration process.  FinalForms allows you to complete and sign athletic participation forms for your students.  Even better, once you sign, you won’t have to do it again, only update from year to year.


    At this time, we are in the beginning stages of getting our FinalForms site created. Once the site is up and running, you will receive specific instructions on how to register and complete your student’s forms for the upcoming school year.  Please keep your student’s physical in a safe place until we have the site up and running.  At that time, we will ask you to upload the physical form.  We have sent home most of the student original physicals the last week of school.


    Thank you for your assistance and patience as we streamline our new processes. I will reach out soon about the next steps in this exciting transition!


    Heatherwood Sports



    Winter 1

    Winter 2


    Cross Country – All Grades 9/12/2022

    Dylan Boling



    8th Grade Girls Volleyball 11/7/2022

    Kristi Blackmer


    Wrestling – All Grades 2/14/2023

    Matt McClinchy,



    Track – All Grades 4/10/2023

    Crystal Cameron



    Toni Watkins

    Assistant Cross Country


    7th Grade Girls Volleyball 11/7/2022

    Karlee Thomas



    Asst. Wrestling Coach

    Cheynell Kawaihae


    Kristi Blackmer, Dylan Boling,

    Asst Track Coaches





    8th Grade Football 9/12/2022

    Anthony Davis


    7th Boys Basketball 11/7/2022


    8th Boys Basketball

    Dylan Boling

    7th Grade Girls Basketball  1/17/2023



    7th Grade Football 9/12/2022


    Boys Soccer – 7th/8th Grade 11/2/2022

    Doug D’Ault



    8th  Grade Girls Basketball 1/17/2023

    Dylan Boling



    Girls Softball – 7th/8th Grade 9/12/2022

    Erin Lee elee@everettsd.org

    Chris Berg bergcs1@gmail.com

    Girls Soccer – 7th/8th Grade 11/2/2022

    Sean Bell






    Deadlines for registration are one (1) week before the first practice (or tryout) date. An ASB card $15 and $40 athletic fee is required at the time of registration. All required forms must be on file prior to participation.

    Softball, Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball are cut sports.  It is advised that parents not pay fees for these sports until after team rosters have been posted.

    6th graders may practice for Cross Country, Wrestling and Track, but may not compete.

    Cross Country, Football, Wrestling and Track are Co-Ed sports.

    All athletic forms must be completed online in FinalForms.


    For general questions regarding athletics, please contact our Athletic Secretary, Mrs. Stauffer at astauffer@everettsd.org , or our Athletic Director,

    Game and practice schedules will be provided by coaches. Contest schedules can be found online on the Heatherwood athletics web page



    To participate in Sports at Heatherwood Middle School you must complete the following:

    • FinalForms — District information on FinalForms coming soon. All athletic forms will be completed online.

      • Informed Consent—This is where you select which sport your athlete would like to participate in. If you need to add a sport, you will need to complete the entire form again from the beginning.

      • Athletic Emergency Information—Please accurately complete all information requested on the form.

      • Athletic Eligibility Questionnaire—Answer the 8 eligibility questions, provide insurance information and sign the acknowledgement statements.

    • Physical—A current physical needs to be uploaded into FinalForms. Physicals need to be valid for the sports season.

    • Insurance—All athletes must have insurance coverage. The Heatherwood athletic department has insurance packets available if your student is not covered.

    • Athletic Fee—A $40 athletic fee (per sport) must be paid before the first contest.

    • ASB Card—A $15 ASB card must be purchased before the first contest.

    ***Please note that if you are unable to pay any fee please contact Belinda Mountjoy for more information. ***


    **NEW** Medical Orders & Health Plans—If your student has required emergency medications at school for a severe medical condition such as asthma, anaphylaxis, seizures, and or diabetes in previous school years, WA state laws states we must have a medical order, medication, and health plan in place prior to their participation in any in-person activities, including athletics. With the start of a new athletics season, your student may need additional items completed before they are eligible to participate. Please contact your student’s school nurse with any questions. Medical forms could include: MedicationAuthorizationOrderFormLifeThreateningAllergyOrderFrom




    Heatherwood Sports After School Transportation

    There will be an activity bus provided for athletes Monday - Thursday. The departure time is 4:00 pm and the bus will drop students off at the nearest bus stop to their house. Please note that arrival time varies depending on the number of students riding the bus home each day.