In this essay I will present 3 or more reasons, citing textual evidence that answers the essential question,” How do both the physical geography and human geography contribute to the areas of Europe and Russia?” and close with how it relates to today. 


    Russia has very harsh climates which makes things complicated. To support this, the geography book on page 206 states, “ Winters here are still cold, but summer can be hot and steamy.” Many places usually just have one type of weather. Like for example Washington. Most of the time it is raining and usually only cold and not hot most of the time. But some places can have more than just one climate. Like Russia its summer is hot but its winters are freezing. But this can cause many things to happen that people might not want. First people have to adapt to the weather, but it’s so unpredictable that it is hard to live. People have been made to adapt to one climate but if the climate keeps changing then people will get sick. Also, most people in Europe have farms to provide for their families. But if the weather keeps changing then how can they provide? People will get sick but then also plants will die too. Most plants can adapt to weather most of them have to live in one area where it’s the same and not changing but if there is somewhere it keeps changing then they will die. It would take a miracle even to grow crops because it is so cold and hot. People would have to work harder and more just to even have money. They also have to check other things as well. They would even have to check for other things like animals. Most animals will come and go with this type of climate. So it would be hard to find food and keep it alive to eat later. Some animals like bears can live in harshly cold climates but might leave later when it gets hotter. They're not built to live in that climate. Many other animals will also come and go. Like birds, they usually leave to migrate because they need to go somewhere where it is not cold and they can survive. If they don't migrate they could die because of the cold or the heat. 


    Rulers used revolutions to create modern societies. To support this the geography book on page 209 states,” In the meantime, rulers increased their power. They formed modern nations.” Many places around the world have a beginning. Like Africa and India. They both didn't just poof out of nowhere and become nations. They had a beginning they started with other things like empires. This was the same thing for Europe too.  Europe at first had many empires. There were empires like the roman empire and many other empires. But while some empires were starting some were going down. Because of this many wars between empires happened. But sooner or later they stopped and then the revolutions began. Once Europe found out about technology and electricity. Everything started to go up for the Europeans. Europe started to make things that people couldn’t even imagine. This was the start of the industrial revolution. Europe started to make factories and machines just to make things and provide Europe with them. Soon many places in Europe were thriving and then soon the whole of Europe was thriving because of the industrial revolution. Soon Europe became one of the world’s first developed countries. While other places like Africa and India were still scratching the surface of what was possible Europe was already ahead of them. They were making things like cars and houses in a matter of months.  But even though Europe was one of the most developed countries at the time. It doesn't mean the laws stayed the same for thousands of years. Because of the big changes, many places did have to change to fit into the new life they created.  They had to change some laws to make some things work. Like for example they would have to create factories for things like snacks and electricity. Many people wanted these things so they had to change how it works. They would need to make the land for stuff that the people wanted. But it also causes other problems as well. It caused politicians to argue about stuff. With this many laws, they had to be changed. It caused the political revolution to change most of Europe into what we all to today. It also caused most of the government to change as well.  As Europe became more formal and started to become more advanced many people wanted a new way to choose a leader. Every country has its ways. But many places wanted a way to choose themselves who they wanted to be in charge of. So because of this many places began to change. They started to have elected governments. With this people got to choose who they wanted. It wasn't anymore what the government wanted but what the people wanted. They were in charge not the government. The people got to choose who gets to be president and who is the mayor or governor. It also has become something super successful too. Many places in Europe and around the world have done this as well. 


    In many parts of Europe, farming is used. To support this the geography book on page 211  states,” Outside of it’s cities, Europe is primarily a land of farms.” Since ancient times people have been farming to get food. But every place was different. Some places weren't fit for farming. Some were.  Luckily Europe has a lot of places to farm. Europe is mostly plains so it wasn't hard to farm on it. People will use rivers and other water sources too. But people also needed to do it. Even today many people have to farm to make money. Many people in Europe aren't as fortunate as others. Some people are poor and need money to survive. So they use farming. Farming helps them because then they can get paid and get money to provide. If farming wasn't there many people would have to search for jobs instead. But because it is here many people can just start farming and make some money. Also since many people already knew how to farm because of their family or past experiences it wasn't hard for them to farm and make money successfully. But soon it would get easier for them as well. Soon many farms started to have machines that did most of the farming. It would help people get more food for Europe and make money faster. People started to have tractors and crop dusters and many other machines to help them with farming. Like if people didn't have a tractor then it would take them hours to get from one place to another. They would have to walk acres and acres of land just to get to places to see and check if crops are doing good. But with a tractor, they could do it in a matter of minutes. Also, crop dusters. If they didn't have them then it would take days to get fertilizer and other things onto the crops. They would have to put the fertilizer by hand onto the crops but with a crop duster, they could do it in a matter of hours. It would put less work on the farmers. Really the only work they could do is to make sure they get money for the crops and people are interested in them. But with this technology, people can make money faster and can be more successful too. It would save time too. 


    All in all, there are many ways that physical geography and human geography contribute to the areas of Europe and Russia. This relates to today because more and more things are being added to the map of Europe and Russia. Like in Russia, there is a lot of weather differences between the year. Many places will have just one climate. Like Washington being rainy all year long most of the time. But places in Russia can have more than one climate. Sometimes it is sunny but the other time it’s not. It would mean also many parts are different from each other. Like if it’s sunny there will be animals and trees and nature that can survive in a more hotter climate. But if you live more where there will be colder climates. Then the wildlife and nature will be more able to survive in colder climates. It also means people will have to adapt to the climate there in. But sometimes people themselves will get sick. With places also changing weather a lot and not staying the same. People can get sick because of it. When the weather changes then the body won't be able to adapt much because it was much more used to one climate rather than the other. It also means that many people will have a hard time trying to make money too. With the weather changing a lot people will have to find ways to keep crops alive and not die because of weather changing. If the weather keeps changing then people won't be able to make money and provide for their family. Speaking of people. Soon many people will have discovered electricity and the industrial revolution and other revolutions after that changed the places Europe and Russia forever. Once people saw what electricity could do they tried to use it. People started making things that weren't even possible at the time. People started to make things like boats cars and planes and many other things. They made things that caused Europe to be one of the most advanced countries of its time. But it also meant that people wanted to change other things as well. Since their world was changing to be more evolved. People wanted a new government as well. So soon the government of Europe became an elected government. The people got to choose who was in charge. Not the government the people. Soon laws also came changing many things. So electricity and other things that helped people could co-exist with each other. This change of laws was called the political revolution. Where all the politicians came and said they need new laws for the country. But also even though many people liked the new life of having electricity. Some people even today like to farm. Many places in Europe are just farms. Most of these farms are also family-owned too. Many farms are created so that they can get money and provide for their families. So people farm. When the people farm they try to use as much of their natural resources too. When getting water they will have to get fresh water. Which could be found in lakes and rivers nearby. Then they would let someone get the produce and then they get the money. But back then it was much harder. Know they have machines like tractors and cropdusters. These machines help them with the farms. Back then it would take them days to collect crops from the land. But with machines, they could do it in some hours.