Click here to set Fitness goals in WelPro

      1. Click on the above link to access the WelNet website
      2. Find login for Focused Fitness in the center top of the screen
      3. Enter login information as a student
      4. User name: student ID number
      5. Password: use your school password or you may need to type your last name (exactly as shown in LMS)
      6. Click the "Fitness box" at left of page
      7. Enter your goals for the Mile, Pacer, Sit-ups, Push-ups and Sit and Reach on each goal box.  You do not need to enter any other goals.
      8. Be certain to fill in Goal #2 at the end of the boxes which equates to your Spring Goals.
      9. You can see your current Fall scores in the Pre Box directly above the other Goal entry boxes.
      10. Click Save Information at the bottom of the page.


    LTF WN

    To take an assessment as a student

    1. Type http://www.focusedfitness.org/

    2. Find login for WELNET on lower left hand side of screen

    3. Enter login information as a student

    a. User name: student ID number

    b. Password: student's last name

    4. Click "Assessments" at left of page

    5. Click "Take this Assessment"

    6. Answer questions by clicking on correct answer or typing in answer

    7. Click "Save"