Welcome to Ms. Cheever's Class


    • BAND PARTY!  Friday June 19th at 1:00.  Celebrate the arrival of summer!  Bring your part hats, snacks, and school appropriate beverages and watch our awesome Flipgrid Concert!   Same zoom link as our classes.  Need a link?  Email me:  echeever@everettsd.org

    • CHOIR PARTY- Friday June 19th at 2:00.  Bring your snacks, celebrate the arrival of SUMMER!  Same zoom link as usual.


     IT'S HERE! OUR Quarantine Band Concert!  


    Quarantine Choir Concert!


    Beginning Band:

     Intermediate Band:

    Advanced Band:  

    • Practicing over the summer?  Scales are a great way to keep fingers and embouchures nible!  So are tacky interwebs songs, I SUPPORT YOU!

    • All Hail Supreme Overlord Clay, Henceforth dubbed CORONA BAND KING, may his reign be a peaceful one.  

    Clay playing sax   

    Actual Footage of Supreme Overlord Clay



    Old Songs of the Day: The Cheever girls sing "Pink Fluffy Unicorns dancing on Rainbows".   , The Cheever girls sing the Parrotfish song,  Clay and Jake's electric composition Metallic Potato! ,   Let's Go Band (wash your hands!)   


    Please remember that most sanitizing products are not safe for the finishes of band instruments (Brass instruments are covered in a "plasticy" laquer that can be damaged by hot water and chemical sanitizers, products containing rubbing alcohol or similar can discolor woodwind mouthpieces and instrument bodies).  Standard mouthpiece cleaning methods are encouraged using cool or luke warm water on mouthpieces only.  Wetting or rubbing to clean the body of woodwind instruments is not recommended (damages pads and misaligns keys, leading to costly repairs).  Please wash your hands both before and after you play.

     Emily Cheever

    (425)385-4945- Email greatly preferred if possible please.  

     Picture of Mrs. Cheever