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    Natural Leaders

    This year we will be offering Natural Leaders training for interested parents. Natural Leaders is a new parent group that we will continue this school year.  It is aimed at families who speak a second language at home and is designed to bring them together in a structured way to help support their child in school and make stronger connections among families and our school.  It is a program that is led by parents in coordination with our staff. To make this happen, we need interested parents who are willing to meet from time to time to discuss different family needs and potential events that can support the students and families from different cultures.  Last year our Natural Leaders group held a luncheon and two evening dinner events including a clothing exchange. If you have an idea for a parent program or are interested in getting involved, please contact me.

    Natural Leaders are a critical bridge between families, communities, and schools. Natural Leaders are multicultural families that are warm, caring, social individuals. They are leaders in their community that work as a team with family advocates, family support centers, early childhood education programs, and school staff to:
    • Build relationships with families
    • Listen to families’ ideas on how to help their children be successful in school
    • Bring families and schools together to plan/implement the families’ ideas