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    6th, 7th, and 8th grade Resource Room Math 

    I will email every student each week to specify what they should be working on during their scheduled period with me. Each day will likely include: 

    • Khan Academy lessons (focused on the EE standards that are most crucial to prepare them for Algebra in High School), 
    • and  
    • MobyMax lessons (instruction that is tailored specifically to fill in the gaps in foundational mathematics) 

    Students should complete the Khan Academy lessons first, and then spend the rest of the period working in MobyMax. 

    I am available to help students who get stuck anytime during their scheduled period with me – just send me an email.  You can also try calling me using the classroom phone number: 425-385-5886 (If you leave a voicemail, be sure to say your name and call-back number, or I won't be able to call you back.) 

    The district’s schedule allows time for the student’s work in i-Ready during the 10:00–10:45 independent work block every morning. Students should pass 1 lesson every day in the Math zone. 

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