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  • Leah Kennedy

    Dear 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Resource Room Math students at Evergreen Middle School,

    While learning remotely, the most important thing you can spend your time on is MobyMax and i-Ready. These programs will provide instruction that is tailored specifically to fill in the gaps of your understanding. The lessons assigned to you are based on your diagnostic results, so you'll only receive practice with the skills you need to work on (rather than spending time on skills you have already mastered). You will also be able to progress at your own pace, quickly moving to new material once you demonstrate mastery of a skill, or receiving additional practice when you don't demonstrate proficiency.

    Here's a good daily plan for your Math education:

    • Every day, pass at least 1 lesson in MobyMax 
    • Every day, pass at least 1 lesson in i-Ready Math

    Then, if you have more time for learning,

    • Look in Canvas. Ms. Kennedy will provide opportunities to review the most important pre-algebra skills you've learned so far this year.
    • Try the activities that your General Education Math teacher has assigned.

    The work you invest now developing a solid foundation in mathematics (through MobyMax and i-Ready) will make Middle and High school math feel so much easier!

    Email: Leah Kennedy
    Classroom phone: 425-385-5886 (If you leave a voicemail, be sure to say your name and call-back number, or I won't be able to call you back.)