Meet the Teacher Librarian

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    While I may be a new face around Woodside Elementary, I am not new around the Everett School District. I am a product of the District, and am proud to have spent my entire career educating the students in this community. I believe in this school district so much, that I chose to purchase a house in Everett so my son will have the opportunity to have gone to the Everett Public Schools. My son is in fifth grade at Jefferson Elementary School.


    Montana State University              Library Media Certification   2017
    City University                             Master of Education             1995
    Western Washington University     Bachelor of Arts                  1990
    Edmonds Community College        Associate Degree                 1986
    Cascade High School                    Diploma                              1984
    Candy               Swedish Fish
    Drink                Fountain Diet Pepsi with crushed ice or black coffee
    Movie               Grease - I can sing just about every word
    Book                There are many, Pippi Longstocking is one as well as Charlotte's Web
    Color                Pink
    Ice Cream flavor   Bubblegum
    Food                Sushi and hard shell tacos
    Place               Hawaii or my bed
    Music              1980's hair bands. I am a product of the 80's
    In my spare time I enjoy reading, making things, and watching tv. I have two dogs who love to escape the fence and I spend quite a significant chunk of my time making sure they are in the yard and not roaming the neighborhood. I also am a proud adoptive mom!!! 
    Amy Ruotsala