Mrs. Dolly Gamlyn

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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Dolly Gamlyn


I warmly welcome you to my classroom this year and look forward to working with your family!
I hope you and your family had a wonderful summer of adventure and relaxation.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

   I grew up in California. I had the opportunity as a child growing up to both enjoy living in southern California with it's beaches and warm weather; and in northern California with it's beautiful forests of Redwood trees. As a student I experienced the interconnectedness of small rural community schools; and the diversity and richness of suburban schools. My junior high and high school years were completed in San Diego, where I graduated from El Cajon Valley High School in 1990.

I attended Humboldt State University and graduated in 1996 with my B.A. and completed my teaching credential in 1997. Humboldt State is located in the beautiful city of Arcata, California, which is right on the pacific coast. It was here that I met my husband, who attended Humboldt State University also. I now live in peaceful Snohomish with my husband, daughter and our pets...Ozzy (our 6 year old black lab/pitbull mix) and our fish...Legolas (who is a 2 yr old male purple Beta with handsome flowing fins). I enjoy the outdoors, watching nature and exploring new places in our beautiful northwest. I also enjoy watching movies, reading books and spending time with my family.

I have been teaching in the public schools since 1998. While applying to school districts, I taught pre-kindergarten at The Learning Garden, a private childcare in Bellevue, WA in 1997. Receiving my first teaching job, I taught A.M. Kindergarten in the Northshore School District at Maywood Hills Elementary 1998 - 1999 school year. I have been teaching in Everett School District since 1999, where I've taught First Grade, Kindergarten, and Second Grade. Having taught all levels of the primary grades has provided me with a unique perspective and deeper understanding about the learning and growth that occurs in the primary years of education (K-2). This coming year will make a total of 21 years in education and I begin this year with a sense of excitement and enthusiasm.

Here is a little history of where I have taught in the past years:

My first years were at Hawthorne Elementary, from 1999 - 2005 where I taught first grade and am/pm kindergarten.
Woodside has been my home since 2005. When I first came, I taught all day Kindergarten before moving into 2nd Grade for 10 years. I recently taught Kindergarten in our all day program in 2016 - 2017 due to the need for 6 kindergarten classes. These kindergarteners moved onto First Grade which meant that 6 First Grade classrooms were needed, so I moved up to teaching First Grade 2017 - 2018. This year I am continuing teaching 1st grade and look forward to working with your children. First graders have a distinct ability to grasp concepts and work together that has been a joy to experience. When building a classroom community where children are supported by not only myself, but by each each other encourages a positive interdependence. First grade year is an exciting year of children learning how to read, write and understand math. The students will also learn this year about their capabilities with leadership and self-confidence.

I hope you have enjoyed reading a little about your teacher and I look forward to working with all my families this year.

With sincere gratitude and warmth,

Dolly Gamlyn