• Ms Tarver

    So glad you've here.  Please bookmark this page and look here for links and current info.  At this time school will be closed for the remaining school year.  

    On our last day of school Friday March 13th, your kindergartener was sent home with large bag of supplies.  The bag contained 3 weeks of daily "homework", sight word cards, math facts, paper books, real books, pencils, crayons, markers, a notebook, glue, scissors.  There is plenty of work to keep your child busy.  

    Please refer to Quicklinks on the right for links to my YouTube channel, Reading eggs, and Starfall, which will provide you with grade level tools as they become available.  Please check this page often and expect district updates through email and phone. 

    Expect to recieve emails and phone calls from me weekly with schedule suggestions, online opportunities, and fun family projects.  Look for daily posts, read alouds, and "how to's" on my YouTube channel. 

    And please email me if you have questions or need ideas on how to organize your child's learning.  This is a work in progress and I'm learning how to do this just like you.  So please look for my emails and check my web page often.  

    And give your little guy or gal a hug from me!

    Some sites like Flip Grid require an email or google email. All students have a district email address. Students should use their student number@apps.everettsd.org.
    For example: 123456@apps.everettsd.org

    Email: rtarver@everettsd.org