Finding money for college can be a challenge! Here is some of what you need to know:

    • The benefits of applying for scholarships
    • How to find them
    • How to increase your odds of winning
    • What happens when you actually win


    There's no doubt that applying for scholarships takes time and effort. But the benefits are enormous. By going through the process, students will:

    • Improve their writing skills
    • Clarify their life goals
    • Begin the process of self-analysis

    By learning and practicing the process of self-promotion, the student can use the same process when applying for internships and future jobs.

    6 Myths Regarding Scholarships:

    1. Only students with high academic achievement win merit-based scholarships.
    2. Star athletes are the big scholarship winners.
    3. Entering scholarship competitions is just like applying to college.
    4. The student with the most extracurricular activities generally wins.
    5. Scholarship competitions are conducted on a level playing field.
    6. Students should focus their time and energy on only one or two scholarship applicants.

    WHAT PARENTS CAN DO: Students are busy. Parents can help by assisting with the following:

    1. Send e-mails/make phone calls requesting scholarship application, if not downloadable
    2. Write reminders on calendars of due dates coming up
    3. Track down background information on topics
    4. Be a sounding board (help your student remember events, identify personal characteristics, etc.)
    5. Proofread essays/applications


    1. The internet is the first place to look when searching for scholarships. The most current scholarship sites can be found at when searching for scholarships using the internet, these databases allow you to enter criteria for the site to search with. Sometimes these criteria lists allow students to only enter a limited amount of information. In order to increase the amount of scholarships found, reenter a slightly different identity, and then enter the different criteria
    2. Type in the name of a scholarship you've heard about on a search engine to find the maximum information on it. You can use this information to increase your odds.
    3. Talk to family and friends. Ask them to check their workplaces and keep a lookout for any other scholarships.
    4. Contact associations of interest (Certified Public Accountant, etc.) for scholarships they offer. Some can be found on their website or by contacting them.
    5. Contact foundations. Ask your local library if they have a Foundation Directory and then lookup foundations by: Geographic location and Types of support: Grants or Scholarships
    6. Contact (Washington) state agencies:

    Once you have identified scholarships of interest, if the applications are not available online, request an application ASAP.

    Golden Rule: Additional effort invested into researching scholarships is never wasted. Make the extra effort in finding hard to find scholarships as the odds are greater at winning them. Find past winners essays as examples.

    BEWARE of scholarship scams! Avoid applying for scholarships that require a processing fee. Everett High School does not endorse scholarships that require a fee. Also, beware of invitations to seminars for college planning/financial aid — there may be a fee, and we can help you for free! Every year the Everett Public Schools hosts a District Financial Aid night.

    THE APPLICATION: Some guidelines in making your application outstanding!

    • Make copies first, you WILL make mistakes!
    • Type or scan, then type
    • Don't leave spaces blank
    • Save each draft and revision, you may like a previous draft better!
    • If you've mailed the application, check and see if it actually arrived

    INTERVIEWS: How to ace the interview:

    • Dress professionally, neat, clean non-school type of clothes.
    • Arrive early, at least 5 minutes.
    • Do not chew gum.
    • Look interview panel in the eye and shake their hand when being introduced
    • Give as much information about yourself as possible. Answer the questions elaborately.
    • Thank them for the opportunity. A professional Thank You card is best!!