• Ms. Soros Welcome to another fantastic year! 

    I am beyond excited to be teaching at Evergreen Middle School! It was my dream job, and I feel so honored to be a part of the staff and to have the opportunity to work with your child. I graduated from Western Washington University, with a degree in history/social studies, as well as English Language Arts. I love being a student as much as I love being a teacher, and I am currently working towards getting my Master's of Science in Curriculum and Instruction.

    I am teaching 8th grade English, which has a goal of improving and expanding student skill in the areas of reading, writing and communication. This goal pushes students to meet our Common Core State Standards, and to succeed on the state test.

    Within my classroom walls, I aim to create an environment that feels safe and productive for ALL students. My teaching philosophy works to shape the whole child-- treating them as more than a brain but as a human being. Your child should leave school feeling as though they were pushed as a student AND as a person. Middle school is a place of growth and exploring who we are, and who we will become in this world. I can't wait to be a part of the journey!

    I am thrilled to have your student in my class this year and am looking forward to a year full of learning, growth, and development. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

    Kayley Soros