• Google classroom is the main platform I will use to post assignments and ocmmunicate with students during the school closure. Our online classroom is already familiar to students, and additional features will be utilized as time goes on. Suggested daily learning opportunities, enrichment activities, zoom meetings and pre-recorded lessons will be posted each morning at 8am in the Stream. 

    Once logged into the google classroom the easiest way to see all the information is clicking at the top of the page "classwork." On lthe left hand side you will see all the topics that I have and the materials/ assignments for each week. 

    All users must be logged out of their Google accounts before students can sign in. 

    If a gmail account is already being used on the computer, it needs to be set to use in “guest mode”

    - click gmail icon in top right and click the “continue as guest” or "sign out"

       -a little notice will pop up 


    In guest mode 


    —- student 

    —— student tools 

    ——- click on Google ‘apps for Education’

    ——— click “sign in through Everett Public Schools 

                   -student ID and password work perfectly 


    From there you may click on Google Classoom or do a search in google if you need to

    Our Classroom Code is: vubhsfu