• Here are some activites you can do with your child at home: 

    Super Simple is a great resource for songs, activities, crafts, and recipes. Visit the link:  Super Simple

    Language ideas:

    Provided choices for your child and allow them to point to desirable item/activity. For example, “do you want to read a book or color?”, “Do you want to wear the green shirt or the yellow shirt?”.

    When playing together you can model and expand on what your child is saying. If your child says “turn” you can expand and say “The car is turning around”.  

    Narrate what your child is doing as they do it. For example, if they are playing with blocks you can say “you are stacking the blue block on top of the red block…. Oh no you are knocking the blocks over…now we will pick them up to stack the blocks!”.

    I spy or Simon Says games can be great activities that require no materials. These games can work on following directions, basic concepts (in, on, under etc..) and descriptive words. Some examples are below:

    • “I spy something green that is in the box.”
    • “I spy something that is fuzzy and keeps you warm”
    • “touch your ear then jump up and down”
    • “put your car on the table and then touch the couch”
    • “touch your feet and then put your stuffed animal in front of the chair”

    Give opportunities for functional communication during snack time, music, or videos. Provide only a few bites at a time during snack to allow your child to request “More” or “I want more”. During music or videos you can pause and have them requires “more” or “again”. If your child does not like something they can express “no” or “I don’t like”. This is a great time to model language and expand on what your child is trying to express.