Math Online Tools

  • Evergreen Middle School: Math Tech Tools 




    Open Up Resource: 

    The curriculum students’ use is online and free to be viewed by students and parents. If you need help explaining things to your student, this resource gives you information on the unit and lessons of study. 


    Khan Academy: 

    To give students more specific practice, alternative explanations, and immediate feedback on lesson concepts, students are assigned Khan Academy lessons through their teacher’s account. These lessons are directly connected to the lessons in their math class. Students are signed up through their teacher’s Khan Classroom. 



    Every student has taken the I-Ready diagnostic assessment which identifies gaps in student understanding. The program creates individualized plans to review these missed concepts to help students be successful in today’s classrooms. Students access this tool through the district website. 






    Desmos Calculators (Scientific or Graphing): 

    Scientific-  or Graphing- 

    Students can access high quality scientific and graphing calculators on their Chromebooks. These tools are similar to calculators used on standardized assessments, and the teachers have links to these calculators on their online classrooms.  


  • Jacob Ellsworth

    Assistant Principal