Natural Leaders

    Multicultural Parent Support Group  | Grupo de Apoyo para Padres Multiculturales  




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    Natural Leaders | Líderes Naturales


    Our Values

    Collaboration| Support | Honesty |Team work |Inclusion |Kindness |Respect


    Nuestros Valores

    Colaboración | Apoyo |Honestidad |Trabajo en equipo |Inclusión |Amabilidad |Respeto



    What is Natural Leaders?

    Natural Leaders

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    Our Mission

    Create a friendly and trusting space for Emerson Elementary School families so we can express our ideas, needs and concerns regarding the education of our children.

    Build a school community that enables increased communication between the school staff and families to empower our students to achieve greater academic success.


    Nuestra Misión

    Crear un espacio amigable y de confianza para las familias de la Escuela Primaria Emerson,  donde podamos expresar nuestras ideas, necesidades y preocupaciones con respecto a la educación de nuestro hijos.

    Construir una comunidad escolar que permita incrementar la comunicación entre la escuela y las familias con el fin de que nuestros estudiantes sean exitosos en su educación.



    Natural Leaders serve as multi-cultural bridge between students, families, communities, and schools.


    Research has consistently shown students’ success to be highly correlated with the level of their parent engagement. When parents are involved, students achieve more, regardless of socio-economic status, ethnic/racial background, or the parents’ education level.

    Parent engagement programs are oftentimes top-down school-directed training programs that teach parents how to help their kids succeed in their education. These programs are designed in ways that are assumed to be best for families, however we don’t always know what would be best without centering family voices first. The WABS Natural Leaders Program takes a different approach.

    The Natural Leaders Program uses an asset-based model to help families identify and cultivate the skills necessary to overcome systemic barriers. Parents take on leadership roles in order to build stronger relationships with families and their children and identify best practices. They then take action in order to help families be successful in the school system and implement their ideas in partnership with the school.

    You can be part of this group and support your student by becoming engage in your child’s education.

    We are looking forward to collaborating with you, join us!

    ¡Estamos emocionados de colaborar con usted y su familia, únase a nosotros!


    Natural Leaders






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    Parent Lead | Padre Líder: Alejandra Antonio Antonio

    E-mail: ale-ren8@live.com  Spanish available | Español disponible