Call the Attendance Line 425-385-7305
    Daily Attendance

    Regular school attendance is closely related to school success. State law requires that children attend school unless they are ill. If children are ill, parents are asked to contact the school. Please follow these guidelines in regard to attendance: Please call the school (425) 385-7305 before 9:00 report your child's absence. Feel free to leave a message on our 24 hour voice mail if you call during non-school hours. When your child returns to school after an absence, send a written excuse. If no contact is made with the school, your child is considered legally unexcused in the attendance record. This school's Attendance policy is in compliance with Everett School District Attendance policy and Washington State Compulsory Attendance law. In addition, effective July 1995 the Becca bill, passed by legislature requires schools to file a petition with juvenile court if all actions are not successful in reducing or eliminating the absence problem. All students returning from any absence are required to bring a note. These documented absences are considered excused. On the note please indicate the days that the student was absent and the reason for the absence. Students have 3 days to bring a note. If a student is going to be gone for 4 or more days we recommend that the parent contact the office. Progressive discipline for unexcused absences may include Saturday school and short or long term suspension.


    Early Dismissal

    Early dismissals and late arrivals should be avoided whenever possible. However, since it is sometimes necessary to obtain doctor or dental appointments during the school day, we request that a written excuse be sent to the teacher that morning. In this way, the teacher can plan for the child's absence. Parents must come to the office when picking children up during the day. Your child will be called from class by a school staff member. For the protection of all students, it will be necessary for parents to sign their children in and out through the office when children are leaving school early or arriving late. If you bring your child back the same day you will need to sign back in through the office before going back to class.



    Students are expected to be at school and ready to enter the classroom at 8:30 am. The beginning school activities often set the tone for the school day. Therefore, it is important to be on time. Tardy students are expected to check in at the school office with a written excuse from their parent. Excused tardies will include: Illness, doctor or dental appointments, authorized school activities, family emergencies and special situations that have received prior approval from the Principal.