Email OR call the Attendance Line 425-385-7305
    Daily Attendance

    Attending school each day is the first step in a student's success in school. Recognizing the importance of school attendance, the state legislature revised our state law on compulsory school attendance (RCW 28A.225). Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about attendance procedures.

    How do I report my student’s absence?

    The easiest way for you to report your student’s absence is to send an email to and to the teacher from the email account you have on file with us including all of the required information. If you prefer, you may call our 24-hour attendance line at (425) 385-7305 from the number we have on file for you and leave a voice message.

    What is "all of the required information" I must include when reporting my child’s absence?

    Student Name

    Student ID #

    Teacher Name

    Date(s) of the Absence

    Reason for the Absence

    Parent/guardian name

    Parent/guardian phone number

    If no contact is made with the school, your child is considered legally unexcused in the attendance record. This school's attendance policy is in compliance with the Everett School District attendance policy and Washington State Compulsory Attendance law. In addition, effective July 1995, the Becca bill, passed by the legislature, requires schools to file a petition with juvenile court if all actions are not successful in reducing or eliminating the absence problem.


    Early Dismissal

    Early dismissals and late arrivals should be avoided whenever possible. However, when it is necessary to schedule medical or dental appointments during the school day, please notify the teacher in advance so the teacher can plan for the child’s absence.

    To pick up your child(ren), we ask parents/guardians to come to the office with valid identification (ID). Once verified, your child will be called to the office. Parents/guardians will need to sign their child out of school through the office when leaving school early and sign them in through the office if they bring the child back the same day.