• Here are some tips to help support your child's classroom learning from home.

    Read to your child everyday.
    Have a set time and place to read with your child everyday. Children learn that reading is important if parents take the time to read to them. Letting your child see you read everyday reinforces that reading is necessary and fun!


    Take care of your child's health.
    Although it is difficult in this busy world, parents should make sure that children avoid junk food and sweets, go to bed at a reasonable hour, and receive regular checkups and immunizations.


    Send kind, consistent messages to your child.
    It is easy for the tensions of everyday life to cause us to lose our patience, to hurry our children, and to send them mixed messages about what we want. Be consistent in your routines, stick to established rules and use a gentle, supportive voice, even when disciplining your child.


    Observe and participate in your child's play.
    While you child plays, take time to observe and comment on the activity. To help build motivation, ask questions that show you're interested or join in the fun!


    Volunteer in your child's school and let your child's teacher know if you have any concerns.
    Your involvement at school is important for both you and your child. If you can become actively involved in the program, you can enrich the classroom with your knowledge and experiences. Open communication between home and school is crucial for success!


    Take the time to help your child with his/her homework.
    Have a set time and place to do your child's homework. At first your child will need your help and support. If you're feeling frustrated, your child probably is too. Remember, the goal of homework is to get extra practice with school work and instill good work habits at an early age