Parent FAQ

  • Here we address some common questions / policies for our classes not covered in the Cedar Wood Parent/Student Handbook:

    My child's birthday is coming up. May I bring a cake to school to celebrate?

    Birthday treats can be brought in with your child on their day (or agreed upon half-birthday). Treats must be store bought and contain no nuts (keeps the kids safe and the squirrels at bay). Your child will distribute the treats to his/her homeroom class at lunch time (cakes are difficult...think cupcakes or other individual items). Also, sending an item is 100% optional - trust us, the students are well-sugared.

    Why is 5th grade lunch so late?

    Two reasons: 1) The kindergartners can't eat lunch right after breakfast and 2) 5th grade appetites are always ready to help with any leftovers from the kitchen. Reason #2 is in the fifth graders' top-five of "The Best Reasons to be a Fifth Grader," so we definitely don't want to mess up a good thing. We recommend sending your child with a healthy snack for the morning; it really makes a big difference in the kids' energy levels. (They'll notice the teachers eat snack, too!)

    What do you consider a "healthy snack?"

    Fruit, cereal, granola bars, yogurt, cheese sticks, vegetables, the usual. It's surprising how many kids think potato chips or candy bars are a healthy choice!

    We are taking a family vacation for the next few weeks. Could I get copies of all the homework and missed class work?

    We'll do our best, but today's learning isn't the "Open to page x and answer questions on page y" many of us grew up with. Knowledge is constructed through class experiences, discussions, and trial and error.  Further, lesson plans are adjusted from day to day depending on the needs of the class. We will have a student collect any assignments that are distributed; these will be expected within a reasonable amount of time after the student's return. Weekly assignments (e.g. nightly reading, spelling or cursive) are still expected to be completed, and any long-term assignments due while the student is absent are to be turned in before the student departs.

    What do I do if my child is feeling ill?

    If you suspect your child is coming down with an illness, please keep them at home. Students in your child's learning group will collect all assignments given that day in an "Absent Folder" with your child's name on it. When your child returns, the missed work will be due in as many days as the absence (if the child is sick for two days, he/she will turn in the assignments on Day 3.) Students who are absent are encouraged to check with a peer for directions or other missed learning. Remember to notify the office of the absence. If you would like the work sent home each day, email your child's homeroom teacher with the name of whom to send the assignments home.

    Should I bring my child to conferences?

    Absolutely! We are all about students managing their own learning, so they are a key part of this conversation. We will gladly reschedule any conference so that your child can attend with you.

    I have a question or a concern that I'm not sure if it's important enough to contact you about.

    Please, never hesitate to contact us. We want the best for your child, and always like to err on the side of, "the more information, the better." An email does the job in most cases, but know that we are also open to scheduling a conference at any time in the school year.