• Lowell Elementary School

    School Counseling Program

    The mission of the school counseling program at Lowell Elementary is that all students have the right to learn and feel safe.  The comprehensive program provides students with the knowledge and skills to help them achieve at the highest level academically, in personal and social relationships, and in learning about college and career readiness.  The program emphasizes the importance of being a Lowell Leopard;

    I work hard, I show respect, I make good choices, I am a Lowell Leopard 

    I believe that:

    • All students have the right to learn and feel safe at school regardless of their gender, sexual identity, race, citizenship status, learning ability, and language.
    • All students are capable and challenged to the highest academic level.
    • All students and parents have access to school counseling services.
    • All students have access to a school counseling curriculum that is preventative by design and provides students with knowledge and skills for academic success, personal and social well-being, and college and career readiness.
    • As a professional school counselor, I am an advocate for all students.
    • The school counseling curriculum is comprehensive in scope and data-driven, using evidence-based best practices.
    • The school counseling program collaborates with the community, parents, and school staff to ensure that all students succeed.
    • All counseling services align with the School Counseling Standards of the Everett Public Schools and the American School Counseling Association National Model.  
    • Professional school counselors adhere to the ASCA Professional Code of Ethics.