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  • LaVonne Peterson
    Dear Parents and Students,
    Exploring remote learning can be quite exciting. The Everett School District has an abundance of familiar and fresh internet sites available in their Student Support and Learning Engagement Resource Center linked here on the right. Discover additional sites I have suggested for you here on the left. You may benefit from creating/posting a daily school-schedule that matches your family routines. Students, you can create a chart/list to check-off each time a task is completed. To keep academic time simple, one hour of math and one hour of reading and writing are minimum goals. Students, you must log in using your EPS GOOGLE APPS account (here on the right) with your student ID number followed by @apps.everettsd.org and your school computer password to access your Google Docs, Khan Academy, Discovery Education, or your Pearson Math book. As always, you are responsible for reading an AR book daily and investing 45 minutes in i-Ready Reading, and another 45 in i-Ready Math weekly. Remember, you can AR test from home at this time, like you can during the summer. You can still earn books for points. Unsure if your book is AR? Check at the www.arbookfind.com website. 
    Take responsibility for your learning. State SBA testing has been canceled for you, but fourth grade has not been canceled for you. You know yourself better than anyone, so challenge yourself to improve where you feel it's important. This would be a good time to ramp-up your progress on XtraMath (on the left) for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division fact recall. When you finish an area I will mail your Completion Certificate to you. Keep at it! Typing Club class average is 15 words per minute. Can you beat that? Accurate typing skills will always serve you well. I will be providing a variety of different learning opportunities for you. Check Google Stream and Google Classroom to find daily assignments and weekly Challenges. There will be a link sent to Google Classroom each Tuesday and Friday at 11:00 (until noon). Click to join the ZOOM meeting and you will be connected to me and your classmates face-to-face. Weekly challenges will be used as show-and-tells each Friday.
    Feel free to email me or leave a message on my classroom phone at 425-385-7439. I will get back to you within 24 hours.
    Thank you for all you're doing to smoothly navigate through this challenging time.
    Mrs. Peterson