• black and white radial symmetry masterpieces

    CoVid School Closure Learning Support from the Art/Tech Lab

    Hello Amazing Jefferson Students!

    During the closure, I will post new learning opportunities for you on Tuesday mornings in your Google Classroom. The activities are intended to be fun; they are NOT required or graded. 

    When we get back to school, we will pick up where we left off and continue exploring Art and Technology. If you create a masterpiece, please bring it to share when we are together again or email me a picture!


    Fun Art Links:


     District Resource  Links:

    • If you would like school lunch get information here: https://www.everettsd.org/Page/31175
    • If you need a Chromebook or have any other immediate questions/needs, call the CRC: 425-385-5555


    I would love to hear from you! Email might be best as we are all working remotely. Please feel free to email about any learning support (art, tech, general academics, etc.), I am available from 8:30-4 Monday-Friday during the closure.

    Ms. Gardner