Welcome To Our School

photo of Steve Hopkins
  • Welcome to Jefferson! Whether you are new to us or returning this year, our staff is excited to have you!  You are joining a strong learning community, one where staff members, students, and family members  all come together to ensure that students have a high-quality and engaging experience at school each  day. Working with families as partners is very important to us, so please reach out if you have questions  or concerns.

    Our goal at Jefferson is expressed in our mission statement: “At Jefferson Elementary School, we  achieve to high standards by providing a meaningful and relevant education, preparing each of our  students to be healthy, well-rounded lifelong learners and responsible citizens in a changing society.”  The focus at Jefferson is on the whole child – and on each child as a unique individual whose achievement and development will be supported by a reflective, responsive staff. Families play an essential role as partners in the education of their children, so please consider volunteering to help in your child’s classroom and/or with other activities around the school. A strong home-school connection is a great way to support your child’s learning.

    Thank you for your support of your child, and of Jefferson Elementary School.  It’s going to be a great year!

    Steve Hopkins, principal