First thought on my new blog.

Posted by Debi Doyle on 3/26/2020

It has occured to me that we are all living through a bit of history, and here is what I am wondering.


What will you tell people about this time when you are as old as me? You will be able to tell of this time to your children and perhaps grandchildren. What will you tell them it was like when all of a sudden there was no school. It wasn't winter break, spring break or even summer. Just one day you went to school and they told you, Friday was your last day.


You might be the type that likes to tell a ture and very factual story or perhaps you would like to embelish and add some exciting details. Maybe you decided to use this time of your life to inspire a story that although based on some actual events and you add a lot of made up details. 


I remember asking my grandparents and parents about eventful times in history that they had lived through but that I only got to read about. When someone that actually lived through a historical event tells you about it, that time can come to life. Now, everybody is living through this but people born after this may not ever live through what we are experiencing or this may be the first, who knows.


Can you take this unprecidented time and tell a story? Or maybe just keep a journal and later in life when you look back at it you will find a story just waiting to be told. Again, who knows?

If you are so inclined to tell a tale or report the facts and want to share it with me I would love to see your ideas.


Here is how you can share it with me.

1) You can write it on a google doc and just go to the right hand corner and share it with me.

2) You can just write it on a word document and email it to me @

3) Write it on a piece of pare and share it with me when we get back.


Excited to see some stories.