No Foolin

Posted by Debi Doyle on 4/1/2020

Screen time! 

Pre quarantine there was a lot of debate and research about just how much screen time is too much. Well, I think a lot of those findings and thoughts have been put on hold as we all figure out a new normal of how to stay connected and make sense of our world. There definitely is a time and place for screens. I have just finished being part of two different 2nd grade classes where it was quite evident that the kids loved seeing each other, chatting, and sharing their pets. But what is too much at this time?

I think the article in the following link adds great insight, suggestions, and just ideas to think about as we await our return to school and life outside our homes. 

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I may even start a google classroom as I too, in this time of confinement, have actually learned to better use technology. 

But for now I see the sun and blue sky so I am going to get some fresh air and a walk in the woods.