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  • AP (Advanced Placement) Statistics is a college level introductory course in Statistics. You'll learn how to collect, analyze, and interpret data. You can earn college credit for this course, either by taking the AP exam, or by registering for College-in-the-High-School through Everett Community College (for more information on this, scroll down below the calendar). Statistics is the most widely applicable branch of mathematics, used by more people in more different areas than any other kind of math. You'll never wonder when you'll ever use this stuff!  Everyone who needs to collect and analyze data needs to understand Statistics. That's every branch of science, of course. And it's also important in the social sciences (psychology, sociology, anthropology, etc.), in business and economics, in political science and government, in law, and in medicine. There's a very strong chance you will use Statistics in college and in your career!

    Summer homework is due the first day of school (most likely September 5, 2018).

AP Statistics Calendar

College Credit Information

  • Statistics is a college-level class, which is required for almost every major. Congratulations on taking it in advance!!

    There are 3 options for getting college credit for this class, summarized in the table below:

    College in the High School

    Advanced Placement

    Neither (take it again in college)

    $220 for 5 credits

    $94 for 5 credits

    Price varies depending on the college (EvCC: $524.70; UW: $1873)

    Registration in October

    Registration in March

    Register when you get to college

    Must meet college placement requirements:  COMPASS test OR last year’s grades OR SBA score

    Anyone is eligible!

    Must meet college placement requirements, based on college placement test (depends on college)

    Must pass the class for credit (college grade = average of 2 semesters).

    Must pass AP exam in early May for credit (level needed depends on the college).

    Must pass the college class for credit (high school credit doesn't count).

    Accepted by most in-state colleges (& some others).

    Accepted by most colleges nationwide.

    Required couse in most majors at most colleges.

    EvCC's website

    College board's website

    Check with your college for more info

    I strongly encourage all students to choose between options 1 and 2!