Welcome to Geometry!

  • Geometry includes the study of logical reasoning, algebraic applications, and characteristics of geometric forms. Students explore geometric relationships with a wide variety of tools including compasses, computers, and graphing calculators. Students perform constructions, measure figures, observe patterns, discuss findings, write definitions, and formulate geometric conjectures.
    The skills used throughout this course assist students in becoming self-motivated, independent thinkers.

Geometry topics:

  • Here is an overview of the units we will cover this year. The calendar below shows which unit we're on, as well as quiz dates. All other important information (for instance, if you lost your gold assignment sheet or want to make up in-class work when you're absent) can be found on Canvas or in the One Note class notebook. 
    Semester 1:
    Unit 1: Tools of Geometry
    Unit 2: Rigid Motion
    Unit 3: Parallel & Perpendicular Lines
    Unit 4: Congruent Triangles
    Unit 5: Relationships Within Triangles
    Unit 6: Polygons & Quadrilaterals
    Unit 7: Similarity
    Semester 2:
    Unit 8: Right Triangles & Trigonometry
    Unit 9 (Ch. 10): Area
    Unit 10 (Ch. 11): Surface Area & Volume
    Unit 11 (Ch. 13): Probability
    Unit 12: Circles
    Final Review