Welcome to Geometry in Application!

  • The second year of high school mathematics (informally called "Geometry") is focused on new functions; comparing their characteristics and behavior to those functions from year 1. The link between probability and data is explored through conditional probability and counting methods, including their use in making and evaluating decisions. The study of similarity leads to an understanding of right triangle trigonometry and connects to quadratics through Pythagorean relationships. Circles, with their quadratic algebraic representations, round out the course.

    The list on the right below shows the "big picture" of topics we will cover this year. Scroll down for more specific information on the calendar. Or go to Canvas (link below) to see even more details.

Overview of Topics:

  • First Semester:
    Unit 1: Constructions and Rigid Transformations
    Unit 2: Congruence
    Unit 3: Similarity
    Unit 4: Right Triangle Trigonometry
    Final Exam Review
    Second Semester:
    Unit 5: Solid Geometry
    Unit 6: Coordinate Geometry
    Unit 7: Circles
    Unit 8: Conditional Probability
    Final Exam Review