Course Expectations

  • I strive to create a positive atmosphere in my classroom, filled with students who are doing their best and successfully learning the math I've been assigned to teach them. With this in mind, I've narrowed down my expectations to only four:

    • Keep a good attitude.

    • Focus on learning math.

    • Do your best.

    • Ask for help.

    Not only are these my expectations for students' behavior in my class, they are also my best advice about how to succeed when the math (or anything else) starts to get difficult. In a way, they are the short version of my "philosophy of life," because I believe that with attitude, focus, effort, and help from others we can accomplish almost anything! For more information about how these things can help you succeed, see my tips on improving grades, below!

Mrs. Crum's "expert tips" on how to maintain or improve your grade

    • Check your attitude: Are you thinking positive and not giving up too soon? We are not done yet, so keep working (if you already are) or start working (if you're not yet).
    • Check your focus: Are you still focused on math during class time and homework time, not getting distracted by other things?
    • Check your effort: Are you doing your best? The daily work score (notebooks) tells how hard you're trying... Even though it is a smaller part of your grade than the tests, the daily work is intended to help you get ready for the tests. Test Corrections also show your effort, and they can make a big difference in your grade; if they are not all done, you are not yet doing your best.
    • Get some help: Some people need a little extra, so if you're already trying your best and still need help, talk to me about coming in before or after school... either before the next test or after it (to work on corrections) or ANY time you don't understand the homework!

    Did you notice how these four tips sound a lot like my expectations (above)? There's a reason for that; my expectations are for your own good, to help you succeed!