• The Math Team needs YOU!!!

    If you are good at math, and in Algebra 2/Trig or higher (or a Freshman in Geometry), you are officially invited to join the Math Team this year . . .

    What to expect if you join us: We have competitions once a month after school, with practice problems in-between done during optional after-school practices OR on your own time (if you're really busy). Competitions involve taking an individual test (10 multiple choice problems) followed by a team test (5 harder, non-multiple-choice problems). Teams that score the highest win (obviously)! The math content ranges from basic Algebra up through Trigonometry (no Calculus needed). After our regular season, we go to Regionals in March, and if we qualify there we go on to State in April. We also do monthly write-in contests, held during our normal meetings in room 508.

    Top 7 reasons to join the Math Team:

    7. It looks good on college applications and resumés.
    6. You get to practice your math skills, and maybe learn some new ones.
    5. You get to spend time after school with other kids who like math.
    4. We have great in-depth conversations in the van on the way to meets. 
    3. You get to sell pies on "Pi" day (our fundraiser on March 14th).
    2. You get free snacks at the competitions.
    1. It's FUN!!!

    If you're interested, come to see me (Mrs. Crum) in room 508 (the Fibonacci Room) any time... Find out more, get your questions answered and introduce yourself!

2019-2020 Officers

  • The officers for the 2019-20 school year are:
    President: Ethan Kuntz 
    Vice President: Josh Khalatian
    Secretary: Keven Suon
    Treasurer: Cindy Chen
    Senate Representative: Josh Khalatian

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