Mr. Poe's Physics By Design Class

  • Welcome to Physics by Design! You're probably thinking, "What does the design part mean?" Physics by Design is basically my dream class. All of my degrees revolve around teaching physics, and I taught physics for 4 years in Texas. In that time, I compiled a list of favorite labs and lessons. Check out a video from my Ring of Fire lab:

  • Make no mistake, Physics by Design is NOT an "easy version" of physics. We go through all the NGSS standards, and students solve complex problems using multi-step equations. The reason it's called "Physics by Design" instead of just "Physics" is to differentiate it from AP Physics (which is also an incredible class). Several students will probably choose to take AP Physics next year after being introduced to it in my class.

    There's a reason physics majors score the highest grades on the LSAT, GMAT, and MCAT. Critical thinking can be learned through studying physics - practicing physics problems literally makes you smarter. And, even better, learning physics is FUN! Chemistry requires complex molarities of dangerous chemicals. Most science classes can only host labs once or twice a week, whereas physics can be taught almost entirely with hands-on activities. Can you tell I love my job? Every year, I have at least one student (usually 2-3) decide to major in physics in college.

    In my experience, students and parents don't like keeping track of 6 teacher websites. So, instead of posting frequent updates to this website, I'll push out updates for this class through Remind. To join our Remind, click on the tab on the left. I also respond to email.