Mr. Poe's Engineering Class

  • Welcome to Engineer Your World! In this class, students work on seven projects including building a pinhole camera, creating an earthquake-proof building, and fabricating an aerial imaging device. Along the way, students study various kinds of engineering, learn how to solve problems, and build products with their own two hands. It's can be challenging, but students find this class to be rewarding and analogous to real-world engineering firms. Students often tell me this is their favorite class because the lessons are enjoyable, there aren't any tests, and they get to be with their friends. 

    In my experience, students and parents don't like keeping track of 6 teacher websites. So, instead of posting frequent updates to this website, I'll push out updates for this class through Remind. To join our Remind, click on the tab on the left. 

    Last year, we made a video to advertise and grow this class. I've included it below, because it gives a brief overview of the class.

Arial Imaging
My camera
Earthquake Tower
Piggy Flashlight