Checking Grades Online

  • You can check grades and attendance online at any time. You can also sign up for text message notifications so that you know the instant a failing grade is entered. 

    Now's a good time to explain my grading philosophy, because it's different than most teachers. I believe that grades should reflect understanding, not doing. Therefore, I do not grade individual assignments. Labs and worksheets are meant to prepare students for assessments and projects. I use those assssments and projects to determine if students have mastered the content (4), if they're proficient (3), if they're developing (2), or if they're just beginning (1). So, if your child is missing an assignment, that's ok. They're just practice for the assessments. 

    Example gradebook screenshot

    Students have multiple attempts for each standard. For each, there's a quiz, a test, and a project. There's also a retest. I'll enter the highest of those grades to into the gradebook. So, if a student got a 1 on the Standard 3 quiz, a 2 on the Standard 3 test, and then a 4 on the retest, they'd recieve a 4 in the gradebook. Historically, students and parents like this system because it offers multiple chances to succeed, and it eliminates mountains of missing assignments.  

    I want to make something abundantly clear: I am on your side when it comes to grades. I want every student to have the highest grade possible. I allow students to make up missing or failing grades for full credit. If a student receives an B on a quiz, they can redo it to earn an A. If a student has a missing assignment, they can still turn in that assignment at any time. If you have any concerns regarding grades, feel free to email me at

    The gradebook can be found here: Gradebook

    Here are the instructions for how to use the gradebook.

    Here are the instructions for signing up for text-message notifications, amongst other things.

    Here are the instructions for receiving email updates for student grades and attendance. ***This may be different this year because of virtual learning. We'll see!