• 2019-20 Assessment Overview & Calendar



    Test Date 




    October 16  

    *3.5 hour late start  

    All 10th grade &  11th grade  who register 

    To prepare students for college and career readiness exams. For 11th grade students, to qualify for NMSQT.   

    World Language Assessment   

    November 6  & March 11 

    Students who can fluently read, write, speak and listen in a language other than English who register 

    For students to demonstrate language proficiency and earn credits toward graduation  


    Feb 3-March 27  

    EL qualified students  

    To measure students’ language proficiency and growth.    


    March 4  

    All 11th grade students   

    To provide students an opportunity to take a college and career readiness exam.   


    May  4-15 

    Registered AP Students  

    To earn credits for college-level courses  

    SBA- ELA  

    May 19- CAT 

    May 21- PT  

    *3 hour late start both days  

    All 10th grade students; Upperclassmen as needed  

    To meet state graduation requirements in English Language Arts  


    May 27  

    *3 hour late start  

    All 10th grade students; Upperclassmen as needed 

    To meet state graduation requirements in math   


    May 28  

    *3 hour late start  

    All 11th grade students  

    To meet state and federal accountability requirements in science  





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    District Assessment Info 

    More information regarding assessment in Everett Public Schools can be found on the district page, linked here