Daily Schedule Outline

    1. Daily Math
    2. 1-2 Math Worksheets
    3. 15-20 mins of i-Ready Math

    Break (this could be going outside, recorder practice, art, keyboarding, ect.)

    1. DLR (One page a day)—See answer key for help or to check answers
    2. Whooosreading- log books and answer questions.
    3. Readworks (Online- Through Google Classroom,
      Our class code is CCNCAR)


    1. Writing (1 page a day and/or Opinion Writing Packet)
    2. 15-20 mins of i-Ready reading

    Other activities:

    • NG Connect Vocabulary Games – Units 1-5 (through Canvas)
    • Prodigy (if your child has an account)
    • Keyboarding (through Canvas)
    • Pebble Go (through Canvas)

    Some helpful resources are:

    *YouTube Video

    * Khan Academy