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    Hello Jefferson Students and Families,

    Firstly, you are missed greatly! We are all working together and learning remotely to help keep each other and our community healthy. 

    All P.E. Class information can be found on your Canvas Homepage. Go the the Student Tools, and click on Canvas. On your Dashboard, you will find the course named "PE".  When you click on "PE" it is like walking into the gym doors at school, instead of opening the door, you click the 'card' to get to your PE home learning resources.  On your PE Canvas Page, you will find weekly live Zoom links for your class (blue button), PE Weekly Activity (orange button), Monthly Fitness Calendar (yellow button) and other PE Resources (green button). 

    If you need help or assistance finding something on your Jefferson student's PE Canvas Page or with anything else, please email me at:    srowe@everettsd.org.

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