• We know this new, unique phase of learning continually requires finding balance.
    We're all looking for ways to connect and engage on and off the computer.

    Below are some links to websites that have resources connected to our standards.

    Click on your child's grade level, or one above or below,
    and ask your teacher if you'd like more guidance.


    iReady “At Home Learning Packs”
    Scroll down and you will find printables for math and reading.
    There are also "teacher guides" with answers.

    Y se offrece en Espanol.


    Common Core Sheets
    You can sort by domain/topic OR sort by grade level.  Ignore the ads; it’s a free site. 😉
    There are lots of math sheets but some other subjects below.

    (By Topic)  https://www.commoncoresheets.com/math.php

    (By Grade Level)  https://www.commoncoresheets.com/SortedByGrade.php