• Spelling Words

    Some students and families enjoy the routine and practice spelling words.

    On the drop down menus you will find links to:

    • spelling words for the whole unit (divided by weeks)
    • a few practice worksheets


    The selected words incorporate common high frequency words and use phonics patterns to chunk apart and practice spelling.  The selected worksheets cover the words for the week.  Your child can also practice reading and using these spelling skills by looking at the "Sing with Me" Phonics Poems and the "Read on Your Own" (ROYO) student books found on my NG Connect in their Canvas Portal (Student Tools Page.)  If you'd like a video demonstrating access to NG Connect: CLICK HERE!  :)


    Ideas for use:

    • Print off and allow your kids to "Play School"
    • Use for "Learning Zones"
    • Create a "Spelling Test" routine
      • Maybe Pretest (to see what they already know)
      • Use worksheets, ROYO books, and other activities for practice
      • Test again (to see what they've learned)