• Welcome to Woodside Elementary

    • Welcome to Woodside Elementary home of the Toucans! We are so excited that you are joining our graduating class of 2033. This is going to be a fantastic kindergarten year, we just know it!

      Starting kindergarten is a huge milestone for your child and we want to support all families to navigate this new adventure together. We have provided some ideas you can use right now to ensure your child feels successful when entering kindergarten in the fall.

      **Save the dates for Everett Ready: August 17-21 half-day. Your child will get to meet some of the kindergarten teachers, other kindergarten friends, and become familiar with school routines and procedures before the first day.


      Kindergarten Readiness

      Students who are responsible for their personal needs tend to have a smoother transition into a classroom setting with many kids and one adult. To support your child in becoming a responsible problem solver in kindergarten, we made some fun videos sharing tips on how to help your child practice independent skills for kindergarten. You will learn strategies to help with: unpacking a backpack, using the bathroom completely independently, opening up lunch items and more!

      Check out this website for more information on how to set your child up for success: Kindergarten Readiness Videos

      Getting Ready for Kindergarten

      Here's a playlist of fun youtube videos to give your child some practice in academic areas like letters, counting, colors, and more.



      Here are some other things to practice at home. 

      • Read for 15 minutes a day with your child. Don't feel like they have to read just let them enjoy story. Reading the same story over and over is fine too. 
      • Encourage Responsibility.   There are so many ways they can take responsibility for themselves and their actions. They are responsible for keeping our classroom clean, cleaning up after themselves after snack, unpacking in the mornings and packing up in the afternoon. Offer similar opportunities at home take a step back and see how capable your kindergartener is!
      • Visit Woodside.  Woodside is under construction which is really exciting, but families cannot come on to the campus over the summer. You can still walk or drive by for kids to see where the school is. You can also check out information from the Woodside PTA facebook page. They have a great community that can tell you about the school and sometimes organize playdates over the summer. 
      • Practice Zipping, Tying and Buttoning. It is very hard to keep up with tying 25 pairs of shoes two times a day. Giving your child independence with shoelaces, zippers and buttons makes kindergarten a much more rewarding place. In addition, with less time tying, zipping and buttoning, we can learn more!
      • Work on your routine. A few weeks before school starts begin adjusting to the new routine. What will be a good bedtime to be at school on time? Does your child need to phase out naptime?