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    October 2020 Jefferson Charger Family Newsletter

    From the Principal

    The school year is in full swing! As I visit virtual classrooms each day, there is much to celebrate: High student participation, a growing fluency with technology, and engaging teaching and learning. Though the educational experience is different in the remote environment, I’m inspired by the things that haven’t changed: Kids still say insightful and funny things each day. They still come together under their teachers’ leadership to form a community. And, most importantly, they are still learning!

    Attendance matters! Each day, we work hard to ensure we have contact with each child, that we address any connectivity issues with technology that may be getting in the way, that we flexibly support via relationships with students and families, and that we do everything we can to ensure high engagement in learning. Thank you for all you are doing to ensure that your child engages as much as possible each day!

    This month, we’ll have an opportunity to strengthen our partnership with families through an academic-focused virtual evening event on Thursday,
    Oct. 22. We are still working out the details, so save the date and stay tuned!

    In the next week, students are wrapping up i-Ready diagnostic tests (required for Grades 1-5 in math, and Grades 3-5 in reading). The diagnostic sets each student on a personalized learning path of online lessons. Students should be working on i-Ready lessons during the afternoon adaptive learning time. The goal is 45 minutes per week in each content area (math and reading – for those grades that do i-Ready reading). Some of our English language learners should be prioritizing Imagine Language & Literacy over i-Ready reading. Your child’s teacher or our EL coach, Ms. Ashley, can help you determine what’s best for your child. You can learn more about i-Ready here.

    Please be sure to read the Jefferson Family Technology Q&A on the next page for tips on improving Zoom audio, how to get tech support, and hotspot availability.

    We know that families are eager for information about when students may return to in-person learning. Part of the planning requires getting information from families. We would appreciate your input by 10 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 4, via this quick survey.

    -- Elizabeth Kelley, principal