• Hello Cascade students and families... As we embark on a most unusual school year the counselors would like to offer you a place to go to find tools and strategies to manage stress, process emotions and take a moment to experience some calm. The Virtual Calming Room includes a number of resources for students of all ages and the adults in their lives (meditation, visual relaxation, sounds and music, coloring and creativity, movement, puzzles and games).

     Click This Link --- Virtual Calming Room

    This time is unlike any other. We are here to support you in times of difficulty and celebrate with you in times of success. Please continue to reach out to us when needed.


    Disclaimer: These resources are for educational purposes only and are not intended as psychological interventions or as a substitute for treatment. If you are in crisis or need help to support your mental wellness you should seek the consultation of a licensed mental health professional or crisis response service.