Parking Lot Info

  • Things you can do to help traffic move smoothly & to help keep our school safe:

    1. Drive slowly

    2. Please always pull as far forward along the front pickup lane. One of our main sources of delay comes from cars stopping towards the back of the lane, or even parking in the driveway.

    3. Please speak with your child to be sure they are in the pickup area on time and looking for your car.

    4. If you need to confer with other parents or students, please find a place to park.

    5. If you are waiting with your children outside, please keep the children with you. We have many kids playing on the grass, and we need to have them focused on returning home.

    6. Do not park in the crosswalks by the dumpsters. This blocks the student walkway and access for school service vehicles.

    7. Do not park on the grass. Not only do we have a septic system underneath, but with rain we will quickly create a mud pit. This also adds to congestion in the parking lot.

    8. Do not pass lined up cars on the driveway. Our driveway is narrow, and we need to allow cars a clear exit.

    9. Please use crosswalks. It is safer, and random crossing inhibits the traffic flow. Remember, we are setting an example for our children.

    Important: Please do not park or wait in the Staff Parking Lot.