Schedule Change Information

  • Student schedule corrections will only be made  during the first 5 days fo the semester for the following reasons:

    • Senior missing a graduation requirement
    • Previously received credit for the class
    • Lack of prerequisite or inappropriate skill level/placement.
    • Failed subject with the same teacher.
    • Missing a core class
    • Want to add an AP or Honors course

    Student schedule corrections will not be made based on lunch, period or teacher preferences. Student schedules reflect what they signed up for during spring pre-registration.

    If your request does not fit the above criteria, a schedule change cannot occur.

    Schedule corrections can only occur through the 5th day of each semester.

    If a student has a conflict with a specific teacher, he/she needs to meet with the teacher/parent/administrator to work out a solution to the conflict.

    All requests must be made using the Online Schedule Correction form. 


    Requests to drop Honors, College in the High School and/or Advanced Placement Courses

    Because the master schedule was built based on student requests, and teachers have already been hired, as a rule, students cannot drop one of these classes. If a student believes they have a valid reason to drop, follow this procedure:

    • Student and parent meet with teacher. 
    • Teacher makes recommendation to the counselor
    • Counselor contacts the principal for approval
    • Student continues to attend AP class until contacted by the principal or the counselor