Schedule Change Information

  • Student schedule corrections will only be made for the following reasons:

    • Required course.
    • Inappropriate skill level/placement.
    • Lack of prerequisite.
    • Taken and previously received credit.
    • Failed subject with the same teacher.
    • Mechanical error.

    Student schedule corrections will not be made based on lunch, period or teacher preferences. Student schedules reflect what they signed up for during spring pre-registration.

    If your request does not fit the above criteria, a schedule change cannot occur.

    Schedule corrections can only occur through the 5th day of each semester.

    If a student has a conflict with a specific teacher, he/she needs to meet with the teacher/parent/administrator to work out a solution to the conflict.


    Requests to drop Honors, College in the High School and/or Advanced Placement Courses

    Because the master schedule was built based on student requests, and teachers have already been hired, as a rule, students cannot drop one of these classes. If a student believes they have a valid reason to drop, follow this procedure:

    • Student and parent meet with teacher. 
    • Teacher makes recommendation to the counselor
    • Counselor contacts the principal for approval
    • Student continues to attend AP class until contacted by the principal or the counselor